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Best Neon Signs on Ocean Drive

Posted by: Winter Haven Hotel
10 Jul
Best Neon Signs on Ocean Drive
Located on an iconic stretch of beachside road in South Beach, Winter Haven Hotel is constantly surrounded by beautiful people, jumbo-sized cocktails and a vibrant row of brightly-lit Art Deco hotels. Using our on-the-ground perspective, we thought it'd be fun to toss together a list of the best neon signs on Ocean Drive.


A staple for clubbing and outdoor drinks under huge televisions playing ESPN, the Clevelander stands out with a wide-curvy-red signature on top of its outdoor-roadside bar. The sign's simple and thin lettering complements a glowing swimming pool and constantly bustling crowd below.

Colony Hotel

image via flickr
The Colony Hotel's allure begins with an angelic purple and white motif. The building's facade showcases signature South Beach Art Deco architecture with a neon sign comprised of a vertical, Colony on top of an equally-pronounced-horizontal €œHotel€ below. Three layers of white lighting behind give the letters an awe-inspiring, full-circle glow

Park Central

image via flickr
The seven-story Park Central is one of Ocean Drive's tallest hotels, and has baby blue neon glowing along the front of the building, and a modest-yet-bright signature adorning the front door awning. The size of the hotel towering above in the light and simple blue and white scheme surrounding make the Park Central sign one of the street's more memorable.

Boulevard Hotel

image via flickr
Striking red neon on top of an otherwise unlit building, the Boulevard Hotel easily has the street's boldest signage. The lights outline part of the building's facade while a comic-sans-esque Boulevard Hotel€ reads in the same color across the top of the first story.

Winter Haven

winterhaven-hotel-sobe-exterior-collins-ave The Winter Haven Hotel is quintessential South Beach with a light green neon signature over our front doors. Sitting against the building's off-white backdrop, the sign stands out, and especially hits home when viewed from across Ocean Drive where it glows in between the trunks of two palm trees.
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