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Crack the Code: Club Dress Codes in Miami Beach

Posted by: Winter Haven Hotel
20 Mar
Crack the Code: Club Dress Codes in Miami Beach
Miami Beach is touted as one of the world's most boisterous, full-throttle nightlife destinations. The party scene  equal parts eclectic, outlandish and upscale  challenges visitors to keep up with the beautiful and stylish locals. For those who are trying to dress with the best, it's important to look at yourself, everybody else around you and the city as a whole.
Breaking things down for men and women readers and keeping in mind classic SoBe club settings, here are our tips to crack the code on club dress codes in Miami Beach.


Alright boys, the first thing to remember when trying to figure out how to dress for the club in Miami Beach is that you are basically in the nightlife capital of Latin America (though technically it is North America). This is a tropical vacation destination and your outfit should reflect that. Keep it light and breezy with fun, popping colors and soft materials like linen.
While you should keep it generally casual with an extra button or two undone, still stay classy with SoBe's best and wear a nice button down from an established designer. Contemporary men's boutique Venissac in Miami Beach is a great place to start when constructing your look.


Obviously a woman's approach to dressing for the club is a much more complex project. The main thing we can say as locals is that honesty and originality stand out€¦ in a good way! Bring some of your hometown flare, while also enjoying the pleasantries and attitude of South Beach.
There's nothing wrong with a breezy cocktail dress, while less formal beach attire can also fly if put together properly. To explore an extensive range of local inspiration, check out the many designer boutiques at the Lincoln Road Mall.


One curveball that South Beach clubs will throw you is that some of them are right on the beach. How does one dress for the beach and the club? Well, it's simple. Just combine some beach attire and club attire for the perfect balance. Men, rock a breezy button down on top of your swim trunks. Ladies, sport that bikini with a light, breezy sundress and maybe a fashionable hat! To find the best Miami Beach swimwear check out Delfina and Ritchie Swimwear.
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