September 1, 2020

Miami Weather activity Guide

Miami is a prime destination to visit year round but some seasons offer more for travelers than others. Whether you want to enjoy some time at the beach, explore museums, or be part of a festival, here are some fun activities to enjoy during the spring, summer, fall, and winter months in Miami.

Miami gets plenty of sunshine each season but you might need to plan for a rainy day. Plan an unforgettable trip with this Miami weather activity guide.

While Miami gets plenty of sunshine year round, there are certain times of the year that are more well-suited for time at the beach and pool. Miami has a subtropical climate which means humidity levels stay high through most of the spring, summer, and fall months. Peak travel season is during the winter when visitors head to Florida for some sun and sand. Here’s what to plan for when visiting Miami in any season:

Spring In Miami

Temperatures are pleasant during the spring months and you’ll find many beaches are fairly free of tourists during the early spring season. This is a great time of year to enjoy outdoor attractions, head off on a cruise from the port of Miami, or enjoy Miami Carnival celebrations.

Summer In Miami

Humidity levels rise and hit their peak in August and summer is also the start of hurricane season in Miami. You’ll need to prepare for daily thunderstorms in the late afternoon starting in June and the heat index will rise to record levels by August. Enjoy outdoor activities later in the day and explore indoor attractions by day to beat the heat.

Fall In Miami

As temperatures start to drop and the daily rain showers disappear, it’s time to enjoy outdoor events and festivals. Fall is a great month to enjoy food festivals, museums, and some beach time.

Winter In Miami

Peak travel season means crowded beaches and heavy traffic. Still, you can enjoy the holiday lights and other outdoor attractions in comfortable weather.

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