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The Best Cuisines To Seek Out In Miami

Posted by: Winter Haven Hotel
25 Aug
The Best Cuisines To Seek Out In Miami
Miami is one of the best gastronomic destinations in the world, with influences and chefs from all over bringing their expertise here. For those who are looking for a more general guide to what's special on the Miami dining scene, here are some of the best local cuisines for you to try:


Miami's strong Cuban culture is one of its most vibrant characteristics, and the food is out of this world. All over the city, you can find amazing media noches, Cuban coffees, and classic dishes like ropa vieja. Check out our guide to finding the best Cuban sandwich in Miami, for some recommendations.


Located right across from the Atlantic Ocean, The Winter Haven Hotel sits in the heart of the seafood-friendly city of Miami Beach. One of the most reputable and and longest-running seafood restaurants is Joe's Stone Crab, which specializes in king crab claws served steamed, grilled, and chilled.

New American

Miami's gastronomic scene is on par with the best in the world, which means its more contemporary restaurants have plenty to offer. New American restaurants in Wynwood like Kusha farm-to-table spot with craft beers, and cuisine inspired from around the worldbring an air of creative sophistication to the local dining scene in Miami and Miami Beach.

Healthy Food

With its avid fitness and fashion scenes, Miami Beach is a center of healthy living. There are many healthy restaurants in the neighborhood, including delicious sandwiches and smoothies from La Sandwicherie, and vegan dishes from Carrot Express. For more options check out our guide to healthy eats in SoBe.

Liquid Meals

As one of the leading party destinations in the world, Miami is definitely a place where a lot of liquid meals are consumed daily. Of course, we encourage you to eat before you drink and be responsible. But, when it is time to down a few, you can try one of these five cocktails available right here on Ocean Drive.
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