Soul and Style in Miami Beach's Art Deco District

The understated elegance of the historic Winter Haven Hotel transports guests to a time of opulence and cosmopolitan pleasure, when guests would escape to the seaside for sanctuary and relaxation amidst the sweeping grandeur of streamlined Art Deco styling and dramatic architectural motifs.
Built in 1939 by Art Deco master Albert Anis, the architecture embraces qualities of both the Art Deco and Streamline Modern design movements. As the depression decade of the 1930s progressed, Americans saw a new aspect of the Art Deco style emerge: Streamlining. This ultra-modern style sought to replace or combine the traditional sharp angles of Deco design with an aerodynamic concept of motion and speed. Interior motifs were often nautical, reflecting the romance of ocean liners in their blend of high-tech, modern materials, such as terrazzo flooring, glass blocks, chrome finished railings and neon lighting. The Winter Haven's signature double height lobby pulls strongly from such concepts, with a grand cruise ship-inspired staircase, glass-ball railings, and terrazzo flooring throughout.
In 2008, the Winter Haven's Ocean Drive exterior was given a facelift to restore and repair the unique stucco eyebrows and prominent symmetrical stepped façade.