Miami Beach Dining and Restaurants

As South Beach dining goes, there’s certainly no shortage of variety, price, or presentation options.

Recently swept up with the “fusion” phenomenon, meals on the beach can range from the ostentatious Blue Door, to the cleverly reserved and inconspicuous Sylvano.  The pervasive theme is the many variations on Latin American cuisine: Cuban eateries, enticing Argentinean spots, and fascinating establishments like SushiSamba, which finds parallels in Peruvian, Brazilian and Japanese cuisine.

The Beach is also home to a collection of budget-friendly spots, lacking in neither charm nor taste.  Among them, La Sandwicherie, Pizza Rustica, and the potent Cuban coffee packing Puerto Sagua.

Insider tip: On Ocean Drive you’ll find a row of restaurants fronted by loud hostesses and high prices, commonly receiving mixed reviews from travelers.  Be warned that the price of pedestrian watching might come at the cost of an average meal.