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Miami Beach Things to do in South Beach

The main reason we love our neighborhood is that there is absolutely no shortage of fun and interesting things to do in South Beach. The area's culture is known around the world for its progressive personalities and boisterous nightlife. But South Beach offers more than fun in the sun: the city - and South Florida in general - is home to world-class restaurants, great shopping and prominent arts and culture attractions.
Worldly restaurateurs thrive in Miami Beach, sustaining one of America's most exciting culinary scenes. If you're looking for things to do in South beach, consider spending an evening one of the neighborhood's many notable bars or restaurants. The local retail scene also stands as a pillar of excellence, featuring a refreshing blend of local boutiques and major retailers.
Miami Beach's standing as one of America's must-visit destinations is solidified by its rich history and vibrant culture. Exceptional architecture, world-class art festivals, and a diverse collection of local artists and musicians fuel the city and provide plenty of food for thought. Find great food, unbeatable retail experiences and an array of only-in-SoBe experiences with our travel guide.
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