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Miami Beach Museums & Art Galleries

Miami Beach Culture

Miami Beach culture is replete with great music, art, beach activities and world-famous architecture. When you're trying to figure out what to do in Miami Beach, be sure to consider some of these must-visit cultural locations and activities.

The Fillmore Miami Beach

Consistently drawing some of music's biggest names to Miami Beach, the Fillmore is a premier local music venue. The space consists of a grand auditorium and huge stage ideal for a rocking show. Be sure to stop by this Miami Beach staple during your stay at Winter Haven Hotel.

Bass Art Museum

The Bass Art Museum's perpetual cycle of fascinating contemporary art exhibits makes it a premier destination for authentic Miami Beach culture. Be sure to spend a day exploring this beautiful space and the amazing work they have on exhibit. In addition to regular visiting hours, the Bass Art museum hosts family days, educational programs and concerts!

Water Sports Miami Beach

Thanks to its oceanfront location, Miami Beach culture revolves around the fun and exciting world of water sports. Water Sports Miami Beach caters to this interest, providing exciting oceanfront experiences and opportunities to relax alongside the water. This exceptional local service offers jet skiing, parasailing, luxury yacht charters and much more.

Art Deco District

The Art Deco District is the epicenter of Miami Beach culture. The home of the Winter Haven Hotel, this incredible neighborhood has more than 1,000 historic buildings. To learn and observe the district properly, take one of the Miami Design Preservation League's Art Deco District walking tours.

Arts & Culture Around Town

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